Thursday, April 08, 2004

Change is Good 

Well, a few folks from Harlem are annoyed that their favorite radio station WLIB has turned into AirAmerica Radio. As an African American who used to live in Gotham, I gotta say...I won't miss it. The fact is, the station was caribean centric, and though I have some ancestry there, it is not a focus for me, or, it seems, most NYC African Americans. The station never made money, and after all, it was a business in the end. The complaints that there are not enough AAs at AirAmerica, is not quite accurate, as there are at least three. For a national station, that seems like a pretty healthy ratio (last I checked, the country was still majority white). I understand that the protest was organized by a former employee of WLIB (not the one who moved on to AirAmerica, I suppose). Fox news is gleefully reporting this, of course, as are other conservative outlets.

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